If you’re only occasionally selling the one item: send us a box of them and we’ll put it on a shelf. Then direct your order confirmation email from your online shop to us and we’ll send out the orders as they’re placed. This is commonly used for authors who want to sell signed copies of their book via their own website. We have a complete guide to setting up a paypal button on your site to do exactly this and we can walk you through every step. Easy. You’ll then be charged a fixed amount per order, plus postage. So you only pay when you sell something.

Some people are not happy with that. They want a complete online shopping experience with bells and whistles. Actually, its more likely to be an online shop with bell curves and 3D printed whistles. Whatever the case: we can deal with that as well. We’ll give you a section of our warehouse to hold as much stock as you want. And we charge a reasonable monthly price per cubic metre (rounded to the nearest 1% of a cubic metre you’re using) so you only pay for what you need. Then we charge a fixed cost per order plus postage, with a sliding scale for large bulk orders.

Other people have over-committed to a kickstarter that went better than they expected and now they need to post out hundreds of t-shirts. Other other people have decided to send a novelty pi pencil to every school they’ve ever worked with (ok, that one might just be Matt). We can take care of any one-off mail-outs where you may have accidentally posted yourself into a corner.

We can also provide staff to deal with anything else you need. If you get a bunch of stuff sent to us but it needs to be assembled into products: not a problem. If you want us to deal with customer service for when deliveries inevitably go missing: you problems will become our problems. If you want us to… no, that’s pretty much it. Assembling things and dealing with customers. If you can think of something else you want us to do, let us know! All of the above is charged at a reasonable hourly rate.

If you have any other problems or queries: do get in touch. We’ve probably had to deal with exactly the same thing ourselves and can help you out. You’re also welcome to visit the warehouse and have a chat! Tea and biscuits charged at a per-use reasonable rate. Oh ok, the tea and biscuits are free. Existence of biscuits not guaranteed. If that’s a deal breaker: phone ahead and we’ll get some in.

In short: everything we do is flexible and designed to enable you to sell things online and post stuff to people. Of course, if you’d rather have a more impersonal service from a multination company who does not fulfil their civic duty of paying taxes, we can direct you somewhere else. If you want a small happy company who gives a mail-shot: we’re your people.